Fullscreen Playback with .qtl files

Another way to use QuickTime on a web page is via qtl files. A qtl file is an xml formatted file that contains the EMBED tag. These files can be used when targeting QuickTime Player to create links that play back full screen, and automatically quit QuickTime Player when the movie stops playing (bringing the client back to the web page). If you want to use qtl files, you should make sure your web server is configured to deliver the correct mime type - application/x-quicktimeplayer for .qtl files. It is not required to have QuickTime Pro for this feature!

The following qtl file can be referenced by an simple A HREF tag, or by using a QuickTime movie with the HREF parameter set to a URL to the qtl file and the TARGET parameter set to 'quicktimeplayer'

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?quicktime type="application/x-quicktime-media-link"?>

An example linking to the qtl file using the A HREF tag:

Click here to see the movie playback fullscreen.

I don't like this method because it downloads the .qtl file "droppings" to the client's hard disk.

An example using the JavaScript library to embed a 'watchnow' movie:

I like this method better...no download. It is handled entirely by the plug-in.

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